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The Lembit Öpik Show

Alan Cook on the The Lembit Öpik Show, TNT Radio 21st May 2024.

18TH May - GB NEWS

Is Sir Keir Starmer the man to save the UK?

12TH May - GB NEWS

Natalie Elphicke: A Labour asset or liability?

The Lembit Öpik Show

Alan Cook on the The Lembit Öpik Show, TNT Radio 12th May 2024.

The Sonia Poulton Show

Alan Cook on the The Sonia Poulton Show, TNT Radio 9th May 2024.


Should Labour u-turn on its workers' rights plans?

London Assembly results
4th May - ExCel

A third place for Alan Cook, Reform UK in the London Assembly vote for Bexley & Bromley. A very big thank you to the 27,603 who voted for me.

Excel - 3rd May

A number of Reform UK teams were present for the pre-count day at London ExCel centre.

Polling day - 2nd May

2nd May 2024, the last hurrah for the Howard Cox taxi before it is re-wrapped for the Reform UK general election campaign.

Reform UK - Orpigton
Meeting 1st may St Mary Cray

Speeches from the Mark James the Orpington PPC, Alan Cook the Bromley & Biggin Hill PPC and Howard Cox.

Final day of Leafleting

We were a small team distributing the last of the Howard Cox and GLA team leaflets, on May 1st. The final day of campaigning for the London Mayoral and London Assembly Vote. Not a house or other vehicle in site but still in the ULEZ 'dirty air' Tax zone.

Reform UK Road show
Orpington - 29th April

If toots were votes Howard would win with a landslide. Let’s hope the support we get on the side of the road translates to X’s in the ballot box. Our last road side event before the vote, done.

Eltham - 28th April

Back behind the wheel for a quick drive to Eltham High Street in the Reform UK taxi with Richard Tice, Mark Simpson and Roger Gravett. An overwhelmingly positive response from the public there.

28TH April - GB NEWS

The topic of conversation was 'Do you trust Sir Kier Starmer'?

New Eltham - 28th April

A good turnout in New Eltham to listen to Richard Tice, Ben Habib, Howard Cox, Roger Gravett and Mark Simpson. Other Reform UK PPC’s & GLA candidates were out leafleting and talking to the public at a street stall near the station.

Anti ULEZ - trafalgar & No.10
27th April 2024

We had the ‘ULEZ exempt’ campaign car at the last anti-ULEZ protest before the Mayoral election. Don't forget to vote Howard Cox, Alan Cook & Reform UK, the only way to stop the war on the motorist and put some common sense into the London Assembly.

Experts by Experience hustings
Bickley 23rd April

A hustings held in Bickley by the charity “Experts by Experience”. Quite a humbling experience and one that really cements the importance of the position I am hoping to attain.

Reform UK - orpington

The second road side event of the day, this time on the Orpington
bypass. Different location but the same incredible level of support.

Reform UK - Bromley 

Another fantastic road side event on the A21. Waves, smiles, thumbs
up and toots constantly, people clearly want change.

21st April - GB NEWS

Discussing whether London has become a no-go area for Jewish people.

London team meeting
Westminster - 20th April

A few of the London Reform UK PPCs met in Westminster to listen to Richard Tice, Ben Habib, Howard Cox and others. An inspiring day.

Reform UK fundraising lunch
19th April - Calvary & Guards Club

A lunch with Richard, Lee and others, just what’s needed to inspire people to believe in the the UK our capital and the fact that you have a political choice.

Action Day 14th April
Shorlands station

A few of the team members helping man the stall and deliver leaflets in the Shortlands & Park Langley ward.

13th April - GB NEWS

Discussing the ridiculous Sunak smoking ban.

The Lembit Öpik Show

Alan Cook on the The Lembit Öpik Show, TNT Radio 31st March 2024.

7th April - GB NEWS

Discussing crime and deprivation.

Orpington High Street
Street stall - 16th March

A very positive response from the vast majority of people we engage in Orpington High Street.

The Lembit Öpik Show

Alan Cook on the The Lembit Öpik Show, TNT Radio 24th February 2024. Live from the the Reform UK Spring Rally in Doncaster.

The Sonia Poulton Show

Alan Cook on the The Sonia Poulton Show, TNT Radio 21st February 2024.

Sidcup street stall
17th February

A small selection of the team that helped deliver leaflets and talk to people in Sidcup High Street. A very positive day that ended with a laugh and a pint.

Biggin Hill - 17th February

Howard Cox and Alan Cook in Biggin Hill supporting the farmers and the anti ULEZ protesters.

17th February - GB NEWS

Discussing the ongoing support for the war in Ukraine. 

Wellingborough by-election

A few of the Reform UK team at the Wellingborough count, roughly 4am. A good result for Reform in both by-elections.

wellingborough by-election
campaign - 15th February

While out campaigning for Ben Habib in Wellingborough I bumped into Alan Miller of #together.
Not voting is not a protest it’s a vote for what you don’t agree with, get out and put your X in the box and don’t forget your ID.

4TH February - GB NEWS

Is the UK being dragged into a world war?

Bromley street stall
3rd February

Canvassing in Bromley High Street today, beyond pledging their votes for Reform UK people were giving heart felt thanks to us for standing and giving them an option they can relate to.

27TH January - GB NEWS

No child of mine will be doing national service when you can't trust our Government.

Reform SE London
26th January fundraising Dinner - The Alma, Sidcup

fundraiser lUNCH - 23rd January - Boisdale's, Belgravia

Ben Habib and Howard Cox talking at the Reform UK Kensington & Bayswater team fundraising lunch at Boisdale's restaurant and Jazz bar.

22nd January 2024 - ROOM 4A, HOUSE OF LORDS

Furthering the discussion on IP rights and AI creations.

20TH January - GB NEWS

Net Zero is political and economic suicide and an act of self harm, no mincing of words on this topic.

Free Speech Nation
14th January - GB News Studio

The week that the UK and USA hits targets associated with Red Sea
terrorists we were discussing the Houthi problem.

Ben Habib - Launch day
wellingborough - 13th January

We were blessed with the perfect day to kick off Ben Habib’s Wellingborough by-election campaign. Don’t forget, If you want change you have to vote for it.

Free Speech Nation
7th January - GB News Studio

Raising the question of what was the role of the biologically confused leader of the Lib Dems in the failure to deliver justice for the victims of the Horizon scandal.

Nana Akua, Alan Cook

6TH January - GB NEWS

When the enemy is within, no I would not join the armed services today. We need to remove the disease of wokeness from our services.

Reform UK press briefing
3rd January 2024 - St James, London

The launch of Ben Habib as Reform UK candidate in the Wellingborough by-election.

30th December - GB NEWS

Putting forward a case for Reform in the New Year and that you decide if it will be a dry squib and have it go with a bang.

Free Speech Nation
17th December - GB News Studio

Discussing Gender Ideology in schools and nearer the end of the program how many political lives has Rishi Sunak got left.

16TH December - GB NEWS

Discussing Harry and his legal dilemmas, not a subject I have any interest in so I changed the subject to canvassing with Richard Tice and Howard Cox in Romford Market.

Street Stall & Canvassing
16TH December - Romford Market

A morning canvassing and leafleting with Richard Tice, Howard Cox and many of our PPCs.

Podcast planning meeting
14th December - London

Surveying London from above, planning podcasts with Howard Cox and Ian Collins.

Free Speech Nation
10th December - GB News Studio

Raising the question of trust after the presidents of three of the top American universities questioned over student protests.

Nana Akua
Great British Debate
9TH December - GB News

Sticking it to Rishi, the problems that the Tory's five pledges all relate to are issues that were either created or perpetuated by the current administration.

Reform UK - GLA photo shoot
Greater london Assembly team photo shoot - 9th December

An opportunity to get the team together for a photo shoot followed by an election planning lunch.

Reform UK Gravesham
Christmas Lunch - Meopham
2nd December 2023

A truly fantastic Christmas lunch, well organised and well attended, thank you for my invitation.

Reform UK - Social Drinks
Richmal Crompton - Bromley South
28th November

Another good turn out, great conversation, people popping in and out with many staying past 10pm.

Nana Akua
Great British Debate
25TH nOVEmBER - GB News

Presenting my thoughts on David Cameron's appointment and his comments regarding the UK requiring closer ties with the EU.

Free Speech Nation
19th November - GB News Studio

Discussing whether Nigel Farage going into the jungle is a positive move for such a prominent politician.

Nana Akua
Great British Debate
18TH nOVEmBER - GB News

There couldn't have been a better question for me to debate this week, "Is it time for a new major party in British politics"? With Reform UK gaining 3rd place in voter intention polls this week and with four of the polls putting us in double digits, only 8 points behind the Tory party, we are the new force in British politics. 

ULEZ Residents' summit
18 November - Orpington

An interesting 4 hours, luckily the bar opened at midday. I was told to 'pipe down' on many occasions for being too political. It is a shame that all the answers to all the questions raised were political and only Reform UK policy has the solutions to these problems. But it's not a  political meeting, so the Tory councillor kept telling me. Howard Cox and Noel Willcox were both on good form and were very well received.

13th November - House of Commons


A political discussion at a New Zealand wine tasting event in the Commons, went a bit sour. An otherwise sensible parliamentary aid, suddenly on the verge of crying and with raised voice asked ”don’t you have children?”, when I mentioned my objection to net zero.
The brainwashing is deep, we face a similar situation to the non factual but emotional arguments we had with Brexit.

13th November - ROOM 4A, HOUSE OF LORDS

APPG - Artificial Intelligence evidence session chaired by  Stephen Metcalfe MP and Lord Clement-Jones CBE.

In this session, we delved into the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare and telehealth services.

Free Speech Nation
12th November - GB News Studio

Asking if Suella Braverman, being one of the last conservatives left in the Tory Party is actively trying to get herself sacked. My position was that it would not happen as it would deepen the rift, to the point of creating civil war within the party was proven wrong the next morning when she was sacked.

Edmund Gemmell
Leader - The Climate Party

The head shaking, tutting and general disbelief coming from the whole audience over what Edmund was saying, forced Andrew Doyle to come back to me to counter the rubbish that was being spoken by the leader of The Climate Party. I gave him both barrels, to which he had no decent comeback.

It is always a pleasure to be invited to the GB News studio, so many like minded people to catch-up with and discuss current news and politics.

Nana Akua & Alan Cook
Alan Cook & Neil Hamilton
Christine Hamilton & Alan Cook

Nana Akua
Great British Debate
11TH nOVEmBER - GB News

Discussing the rights and wrongs over Israel allowing for humanitarian pauses in the war against Hamas.

Armistice Day
11th November - Whitehall

Pride of place by the Cenotaph on a glorious, sunny and cloudless day, remembering and respecting our fallen.

Alan Cook & Mark Simpson
Alan Cook - Parliament Square

London Mayor & London Assembly
6th November - City Hall, London

Part of the Reform UK London Mayor and London Assembly team at a briefing session in City Hall.

Free Speech Nation
5th November - GB News Studio

Firstly, discussing if we are winning the battle against cancel culture within the UK universities. Secondly, the hot topic of the week the potential new Muslim political party. The 'Party of Islam' had their registration with the electoral commission refused on a number of grounds. They will resubmit and when they are established what effect will it have on their historic political home the Labour Party? 

Nana Akua
Great British Debate
4TH nOVEmBER - GB News

Invited on to Nana Akua's Great British Debate on GB News. Discussing Kier Starmer's position on Palestine, Israel and Labour's chances in the next general election if the new 'Party of Islam' manages to become a registered UK political party.

Battle of Ideas
29th October - Church House, Westminster

A two day festival with too many topics to list here. The ones I attended were all related to net zero, the public support for this new global industry seems to be waning at quite a speed.

Nana Akua
Great British Debate
28th October - GB News

Dead heading the Rose.Discussing Dame Alison Rose, her obscene rewards and why was she not sacked.

anti ULEZ Convoy - London
28th October - Marble Arch

Another good turnout, the anger is still growing over Sadiq Khan's tax on the poor.

The Freedom Association
24th October - Emmanuel Centre, Westminster

How can we conquer cancel culture?
For speakers and content, definitely the best conference that I have attended in recent years, Lembit Opik stood out for his humorous, animated and cutting speech.

In addition to Nigel Farage and Dr Starkey, other speakers are:

Andrew Allison, Chief Executive of The Freedom Association
Charlie Bentley-Astor, University of Cambridge graduate and free speech advocate
Nick Buckley, Founder of Mancunian Way
David Campbell Bannerman, Chairman of The Freedom Association
Baroness (Claire) Fox, Director of the Academy of Ideas
Mark Francois MP, Conservative MP and Chairman of the European Research Group
Matt Goodwin, Professor of Politics in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent
Dr. Bryn Harris, Chief Legal Counsel at the Free Speech Union
Eric Kaufman, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London
Dr Bernard Lamb, Emiritus Reader in Genetics at Imperial College, London
Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs
Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, Senior Fellow of the New Culture Forum
Lembit Öpik, former Liberal Democrat MP
Tim Scott, Treasurer of The Freedom Association
Tom Slater, Editor of Spiked Online


AI & Sustainability: UN Sustainable Development Goals: Where are we now, and where can AI help?

 The UN SDGs on paper all look positive but what lurks behind them may be construed as a unelected global body attempting to control aspects of otherwise independent nation states.
That said there was one outstanding project mentioned, one that improves the efficiency of large cement production plants, the driving force behind that AI product was environmental but the net result is money saving by the operator.

Free Speech Nation
22ND October - GB News Studio

Questioning the guests over the Metropolitan Police's response to Jihad chants at protests.

aNTI uLEZ Protest - Biggin Hill
21st October - Biggin Hill, Bromley

An exceptional turnout considering the weather, approaching 300 people, half a dozen dinosaurs and a cockerel. Sirens, whistles, songs and hoots from passing motorists were heard for three hours in the High Street. Roger Gravett, Alan Cook, Mick Geeenhough and Howard Cox were present representing Reform UK. 

Reform UK Bromley Social Drinks
19th October - Wetherspoons, Bromley South

Monthly opportunity to meet and question your local Reform UK Party candidates. This month Mick Greenhough for Orpington and Alan Cook for Bromley & Biggin Hill attended. Next month there should be one, two or even three more candidates attending. Some people didn't see the small Reform flags next to our area and therefore didn't find the group, next month we will have a couple of balloons to make this easier!

Croydon constitutionalists
18th October - Purley

Supporting Howard Cox on his interview and lively Q&A session.

APPG Fair Fuel UK
18th October - Portcullis House

Accompanying Howard Cox for an MP opinion survey for the APPG for Fair Fuel UK. 

Alan Cook & Howard Cox
Alan Cook & Bob Neill

17TH October - Portcullis House

An interesting session with the focus on “Empowering UK Healthcare through Digital Innovation”.

Free Speech Nation
8th October - GB News Studio

In an interesting and lively episode, I managed to put Andrew Doyle right regarding Nigel Farage and which party he is really interested in. I also mentioned the fact that even senior Conservatives that I've spoken to don't believe that they will win the next election. To top it off I had the opportunity to discuss politics, the SDP and Reform UK, with John Cleese.

Alan Cook - Free Speech Nation
John Cleese & Alan Cook

Reform UK - Gala Dinner
7th October - Hilton, Edgware Rd

A night of good food, good speeches and good company.

Reform UK - Conference
7th October - Hilton, Edgware Rd

Some speeches from the day are available on the events page.

The night before, on chair duty.
Finished but need more chairs.
A full house, job well done.

#Together Declaration
2nd Anniversary Event
29th September - Central Hall Westminster

A like minded organisation that is backing common sense answers to issues, high-lighting the attack on our freedoms and democracy. A very well attended event and fun after party.

Alan Cook & Dan Wootton
Alan Cook & Lembit Öpik
Alan Miller
Julia Hartley-Brewer

Reform UK  Social
26th September - Mill Hill

Reform UK spokesperson and London region county organisers social/training evening.

Alex, Richard, Roger & Howard
Howard Cox, Alan Cook & Richard Tice

Free Speech Nation
24th September - GB News Studio

Back in the GB News studio with Howard Cox who was debating with Ed Gummell the leader of The Climate Party. I was talking about the rise of the anti establishment vote in continental Europe and how we should see the same in the UK.

Bromley Meeting
Ben Habib, Howard Cox, Roger Gavett & ALan Cook
23rd September - O'Neill's, Bromley

With 58 of the 60 tickets sold it was very nearly sold out. A very enlightening and enjoyable event. A big thanks to the O'Neill's team in Bromley for making us all so welcome and also to Ben, Howard and Roger for their help and speeches.

Ben Habib & Alan Cook
Roger, Howard, Ben & Alan

Anti ULEZ - Court Case
14th September - High Court

Not a positive result today but the battle for a judicial review continues.

Howard Cox, Simon Fawthorp, Alan Cook
Anti ULEZ High Court

Bromley & Biggin Hill meeting
12th September - Wetherspoons, Bromley South

The first of the Reform UK, Bromley & Biggin Hill social meetings, held at the Wetherspoon pub the Richmal Compton which is opposite Bromley South station. A good turnout of about 20 people, we're intending on holding these every 4 to 6 weeks, details will be placed on the events page.

aNTI uLEZ - 10 Downing Street
10th sEPTEMBER - Whitehall

An amazing turnout for the anti-ULEZ Convoy 3. One which saw the first outing of the ULEZ free, Jaguar campaign car, hopefully the next time it is out it will be wrapped in the party colour.

Howard Cox & Alan Cook

Nik Darke, Alex Wilson & Alan Cook

London & Westminster
6th September - White Horse, Fulham

The Reform UK London and Westminster spokesman, Luke Wates organised a meet your Mayoral candidate drinks reception..

Howard Cox



Another very well supported Anti-ULEZ Protest, with Sirens, bells and whistles on the pavement and horns from the support vehicles we made ourselves heard in Parliament.

Two of the regular protesters


Peter and Piers

Christopher Hope & Alan Cook

Alan Cook & Howard Cox

Alan Cook & Steve Bray

Steve and me go back a long way, sometimes I actually agree with him.

Britain Club Breakfast
5th September - House of Commons

A Britain Club breakfast event in the Commons.  After the 4th September Labour cabinet reshuffle a group of peers in the Lords congratulated Lord Peter Mandelson on getting back into power; a reference to the number of Blairites moved into the shadow cabinet. With the myth of the rift between Starmer and Blair blown away, the reality is that both Blair and Brown have Starmer's ear. The reach of the corporate, globalist bodies and billionaires has its route directly into the Labour Party leadership.

Jeremy Bradshaw & Alan Cook

Free Speach Nation
3rd September - GB News Studio

Back in the studio, met a good old friend James Woulheyson who I hadn't seen since the Brexit days.

Dave Holland - Action Day
2nd September - Pulloxhill

Due to the upcoming by-election, which is now imminent following the long awaited resignation of Nadine Dorries, I joined a Reform UK team canvassing in Pulloxhill for Dave Holland, our Mid Bedfordshire candidate. 

Mark Simpson, Dave Holland, Richard Tice,Alan Cook
Alex Williams, Lucian Fernando, Alan, Mark Simpson
Dave Holland - Canvassing Day

Anti ULEZ Protest
29th August - Downing Street

Our protest started with a group of 40 protesters slow walking the 'Coffin of Democracy' from Charing Cross to Downing Street. I followed the procession in the Reform UK taxi. Both Richard and Howard gave speeches at the gates to Downing Street. Nigel Farage, who just happened to be driving past, jumped out to meet and greet friends, colleagues and protesters. I also bumped into a dear old friend, Nigel Evans MP.

Richard Tice, Downing Street

Reform UK Taxi - Downing Street

Alan Cook & Howard Cox, Downing Street

Howard, Noel, Richard & Alan Cook

Howard Cox, Downing Street

Alan Cook & The Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans MP

Telegraph Online
Noel Willcox & Nigel Farage

Alan Cook

Public Meeting
28th August - Beddington Park

Speeches and an open discussion on the damage caused by ULEZ, followed by planning for tomorrows Downing Street protest.

Anti ULEZ Protest
26th August - Tooting

Another very well attended and good natured Anti-ULEZ protest, one which an image mirroring a fictional movement has been picked up on by many a news organisation.

Anti-ULEZ Protester

Alan Cook & Howard Cox

Mail Online


Mail Online

The Telegraph

Anti ULEZ - Ride to Freedom
20th August - Rykas, BoxHill

The Ride to Freedom had many starting places the most famous being the Ace Café London. Other starting points included Clacket Lane services, Cobham services, Heston services, South Mimms services and Thurrock services. I met up with Howard in Bromley and drove the Reform UK taxi to meet our convoy group at Clacket Lane services. A very well organised event, which it needed to be considering the number of attendees. Speeches by Howard Cox, Lembit Opik, Phil Elliot and Kingsley Hamilton.

Howard Cox & Alan Cook
Anti-ULEZ Rykas, Boxhill

Lembit Opik - Motorcycle Action Group

Howard Cox, Alan Cook & Phil Elliot

Phil Elliot - Ride to Freedom

Anti ULEZ Protest - Orpington
19th August - Orpington War Memorial

Hundreds of locals turned up for the third Orpington Anti-ULEZ protest. Howard Cox, the Reform UK Mayoral candidate and I were there for the duration and spoke to many protestors, passers by and motorists. Not one person who spoke to me was in favour of the ULEZ expansion. We were later joined by both old and new tractors and a large crop sprayer for the parade.

Alan Cook - Orpington
Howard Cox, Alan Cook - Orpington
Anti-ULEZ Orpington
Anti-ULEZ Orpington
Anti-ULEZ Orpington
Anti-ULEZ Orpington

Anti ULEZ Protest - Bromley
12th August - Widmore RD, Kentish Way

A great opportunity to speak to people in my constituency who will be directly affected by the upcoming ULEZ tax. I was left disturbed by the devastating effect that this tax will have on individuals, small businesses and communities. It has highlighted that we are fighting in the correct corner and that we need to raise the level of protest to protect the public.

Anti ULEZ Protest Bromley
Alan Cook & Howard Cox in Bromley

Sandown Park
8th July - Coral Eclipse day

Not only an amazing family day out but also a wonderful opportunity to discuss politics with Alex and Belinda, two very knowledgeable ex MEP's who are involved in and incredibly passionate over the future of UK politics.

Belinda de Lucy, Alan Cook & Alex Phillips
Alan Cook + family, Alex & Belinda

Free Speech Nation
2nd July - GB News Studio

The week when Nigel Farage went public regarding the recent attempts by the financial sector to cancel him, I asked of the Free Speech Nation Panel, "was it right to label Jeremy Clarkson sexist because of his bad taste column on Meghan Markle"? I struggle to follow the logic of the decision of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) on the grounds of sexism. The IPSO has encountered much criticism over their decision from many defenders of freedom of speech, of expression and that of the press.

Alan Cook, GB News Studio

Street Stall
28th June - Bromley High street

The first Reform UK Bromley High Street stall was very well received by almost everyone, only a single person seemed very upset over politically active people being out and about having open, polite political discussions. Hundreds of leaflets were taken and many conversations regarding the current state of British Politics were had. The number one issue highlighted by the public was immigration followed by the cost of living, many were of the opinion that it is the government's race to 'net zero' that is the root cause of the inflation we are experiencing. I would add the relentless quantitative easing over the last few years has also been a major contributor.
Patrick Christys, the GB News presenter, came over for a chat and photo opportunity before his evening's charity strip with The Dreamboys in Churchill Theatre. Patrick has managed to raise approaching £90k for his chosen charity MIND.

Alan Cook, Patrick Christys

Kent Area Meeting
26th June - The Cricketers Inn, Meopham, KENT.

Great to see new faces in the Meopham meeting. The Kent area meetings are growing in numbers and are certainly becoming an outlet for like minded people to have passionate and lively political discussions.

Alan Cook, Matthew Fraser Moat, Ryan Coshall
Meopham meeting - Reform UK

anti ULEZ Protest - London
25th May - Marble Arch

The Reform UK London Mayoral candidate, Howard Cox and I, showing support for the protesters and cementing our Party position that we will scrap ULEZ in its entirety alongside Low Traffic Networks (LTNs).

Howard Cox, Alan Cook - Marble Arch
Anti ULEZ - Marble Arch
Anti ULEZ - Marble Arch
Alan Cook - Marble Arch

Howard Cox - Sidcup
22nd June - The Alma, Sidcup

An opportunity for Howard Cox, the Reform UK London Mayoral Candidate, to talk to members and supporters in Sidcup, Kent. It was well attended by local potential parliamentary candidates from the Party including Roger the London regional organiser, Mark Simpson the spokesman for Eltham, Mick Greenhough the spokesman for Orpington, and Alan Cook spokesman for Bromley & Biggin Hill.
The Alma hosted us well and proved to be a fantastic venue for such an event. 

Mark Simpson, Roger Gravett, Howard Cox
Mark Simpson, Roger Gravett, Alan Cook

Candidate Launch
17th June - The Chequers Inn, Wootton

Due to the resignation of Nadine Dorries there will be a by-election in Mid-Beds. I attended the official launch of Dave Holland – Reform UK Party Constituency Candidate for Mid Bedfordshire. The whole event was very well received and only interrupted by a live streamed interview of both Richard Tice and Dave Holland with GB News.

Dave Holland, Alan Cook
Richard Tice, Alan Cook

SDP Meeting
13th June - The Sekforde, Farringdon

I was invited by an old friend to meet William Clouston, the leader of the SDP. My friend Steve Kellerher is the London area organiser for the SDP, I know him because we stood in neighbouring constituencies in the 2019 general election. William and I had a great time discussing the dire straits that UK politics is in, we also briefly covered SDP policy, mainly where it deviates from Reform UK policy.

The main purpose of the SDP's evening meeting was an open discussion titled, 'Why did the global political class back lockdowns despite devastating impacts, particularly on the poor? ', this was held between William Clouston and Toby Green, author of 'The COVID Consensus'.

William Clouston, Alan Cook
Steve Kellerher, Alan Cook
William Clouston, Toby Green

appg - Artificial Intelligence
13TH June - Room 10, House of Commons

Evidence session of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence in the House of Commons covering feedback on the AI white paper.

Chair & Co-Chair - Lord Tim Clement-Jones & Stephen Metcalfe MP.

Roger Taylor, Advisor to Responsible AI Programme, Accenture Prof.
A representative from techUK
David Leslie, Director of Ethics & Responsible Innovation Research, Alan Turing Institute
Fran Bennett, Interim Director, Ada Lovelace Institute
Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia
Sulabh Soral, Chief AI Officer, Deloitte

 What proved to be a very open discussion between the public, government, academia and industry, not always in agreement but consensus where needed to progress with standards and regulation.
APPG AI White Paper
Alan Cook, APPG AI

GB NEws Free Speech National
11th June - GB News Studio

It was great to catch up with Francis Foster at Andrew Doyle's Free Speech Nation GB News show. A few years ago I took a stage craft course with Francis at a central London club. Between him and Leo Kearse, freedom of speech is certainly not being held back.

Andrew Doyle
Leo Kearse Alan Cook Francis Foster


Toby Young interviewed Isabel Oakeshott about the Lockdown Files live on stage at the Unherd Club, 6 Old Queen St. London. It was truly fascinating to get not only the actual facts behind, but also the mentality of, the people making serious government decisions. If anything can convince you that we need a change of Government, these WhatsApp messages ought to do it. There is more to come and not just the missing March WhatsApp messages that will hopefully be given to the COVID enquiry. The interview was followed by dinner and a wonderful opportunity to discuss the topic further over dinner with Richard Tice, Isabel Oakeshott and Toby Young at our table.


Kent Area Meeting
8th June - Red Dog, high Halstow, Rochester

Kent planning meeting, six local candidates and the area organiser. 

Commons Adjournment
6th June - Strangers BAr

A rather rare early adjournment of the Commons created the opportunity for a drink on the Terrace with friends. This allowed me to let the cat out of the bag, that I have left the Conservative Party. That I have joined Reform UK and will be standing as a candidate for them in the Bromley & Biggin Hill constituency at the next general election.

Alan Cook - Commons Terrace

APPG for Digital Skills
6th June - 1 Parliament Square

AGM and Maintaining Digital as a priority within the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
Chaired by Chris Green MP and around the table were:
Mark Smith, CEO - ADA National College for Digital Skills
Michaela Neild - Google Government Affairs & Policy Manager
Simon Staffell - Microsoft Director of Government Affairs
Annabelle Gawer University of Surrey Professor of Digital Economy
Allison Littlejohn UCL Knowledge Lab Director. 
The main areas of discussion were:
The need to further increase the number of students in all areas of technology and at all levels of qualification to meet current and future demand.
The possible future threat of 'AI' to tech jobs.
Upskilling for people in and out of work, including online learning modules.
Helping the non-digitally aware, some older people but also disadvantaged groups, to use digital only services and create spaces to replace day to day tasks that have moved online but were previously used for social interaction.

I advised the colleges and universities who were present that they may wish to look into having their technology students gain security clearance before joining the employment market.

London Blockchain Conference
31 May- 2 June - QE II Centre

'Bringing Government and Enterprise onto the Blockchain'

Due to my participation in the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group for Blockchain’ the talks I found most relevant and interesting were the ones covering regulation.

On Wednesday this week the EU 'Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA)' regulation was passed into EU law. Now that their crypto market has a core of regulation this will remove uncertainty and should increase investment in the sector. The UK regulators have stated that they want to get crypto regulation correct on the first attempt, a good sentiment but also a delay that will hinder investment in the UK crypto markets. Having said that, I believe the private investor requires a level of protection greater than for similar non-crypto products. There is a reason why so many pundits refer to crypto assets as a form of gambling.

 On a political note, through the proliferation of not only credit and debit card 'touch and go' but also smart phone payment methods, cash is being used less and less. Some businesses no longer accept cash at all. We need to protect the members of our society who either do not have ability or the desire to be completely cashless.

Alan Cook Blockchain QE2
London Blockchain Conference

Reform Circle Lunch
2nd June - Cavalry & Guards Club

A lunch in the stunning surroundings of the Cavalry & Guards Club, Piccadilly, London. An opportunity to share our thoughts with the Party leadership and put across what we believe the Party's priorities ought to be over the next 12 months. Guests included Richard Tice, Ben Habib, Howard Cox and a talk on the 'Lockdown Files' by special guest Isabel Oakeshott.