Alan Cook

Reform UK parliamentary candidate
for Bromley & Biggin Hill

Don't change your politics change your party
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Nigel Farage & Alan Cook

we have a New Leader

I caught up with Nigel in the green room after the press conference, and what an announcement, Nigel as leader and standing in Clacton. Great news indeed. We are in the midst of a 100 year event in British politics, joint the revolt. join Reform UK.

Policy Document

The Reform UK 'Our Contract with you' is available to view and print in draft version. We have used the word contract instead of manifesto to hi-light that we intend to instil trust back into politics replacing the lies and broken promises that are currently synonymous with UK politics.
Reform UK Policy Document
  • Immigration
  • Economy/Energy/Environment
  • NHS
  • Transport
  • Police/Defence
  • Education/Family/Housing
  • Agriculture/Fisheries

Bromley Action Day

Bromley Action Day and street stall, Bromley Market Square

Thank you to all who helped out at the stall, delivered leaflets locally and those who took thousands of leaflets home to deliver. A very positive day, however the polls currently have Bromley & Biggin Hill constituency as a Labour win. The Tories have lost their local majority and any chance of winning at the next general election. Now is the time for the centre left Labour supporters who do not wish for more of the same and the total bankruptcy of our country and also for the centre right Tory voters to come together and support Reform UK the only UK centric party that will put the UK and its citizens first.

What we are up against

With the next general election probably circa autumn this year we have several months to prepare and grow. With the Reform UK Party recently hitting 16% in the national voter intention polls, we are certainly moving in the right direction. The fact that we are a UK centric, not a globalist led party and with our stance on questioning the logic behind Net Zero, we stand out from the other major political parties. With policy based on common sense spanning the centre of the political spectrum, we offer hope and a home to the politically disenfranchised and the politically homeless. With high levels of voter apathy and so many people dis-inclined to vote, this group alone would be great enough to put Reform UK into Government so please do not waste your vote. Vote for us.

The Labour Party

After the 4th September Labour cabinet reshuffle a group of peers in the Lords congratulated Lord Peter Mandelson on being back in power; a reference to the number of Blairites moved into the shadow cabinet. With the myth of the rift between Starmer and Blair blown away, the reality is that both Blair and Brown have Starmer's ear. The reach of the corporate globalist bodies and billionaires has its route directly into the Labour Party leadership. Starmer has proven to be a weak leader of a national political party, he is clearly no more than a puppet leader, devoid of his own policy and beliefs. Starmer will display weakness internationally at a time when the UK must be proud of its culture, heritage and history and embrace its future.
Voting Labour because the Tory's have failed should not be the default option, nor should abstinence. 

The Conservative PArty

With legal and illegal immigration representing an invasion, with 14 years of financial mismanagement pushing the cost of living up, unemployment up, debt up, inflation up and the crazy head first fall into Net Zero, the current administration has one of the worst Conservative records ever. The party is moving so far left of centre and kowtowing to the globalist agenda that it is no longer recognisable as a Conservative Party.
The cycle of voting for a party, not because you agree with theirs plans and actions or that their recent record deserves it, but because it's potentially not as bad as the other option must be broken.
History has proven that if you keep voting Tory you eventually get Labour!

Lib Dems

Ed Davey the Lib Dem leader believes women can have male appendages and that men can menstruate, it beggars belief that anyone would want this man running the UK. The Lib Dems also firmly believe that, for better or for worse, we should still re-join the EU.

The Green Party

With Labour and the Tory's falling head first down the very un-democratic, Net Zero rabbit hole, The Green Party has had the rug pulled from underneath it.

Net Zero

A policy that has been imposed on the UK through globalist MPs and Prime Ministers, a policy that will prove to be political and economic suicide, an act of self-harm at a national level. An unreachable, unsustainable policy that will never bear fruit but will damage the country while our global competition increases their industry, exports and pollution. Reform UK is against pollution but we are not anti-industry, not anti-farming, not anti oil & gas or nuclear energy, all of which should, as much as possible be sourced and produced within the borders of our nation. We need to move towards goods, food and energy self sufficiency while sustainably reducing our pollution.

Vote splitting - Don't split your vote

The Tory Party is a fractured coalition, the majority of MPs are progressive global socialists leaving a small minority that are right of centre conservatives. The larger globalist side of the party has welcomed mass low-skilled immigration and unchecked illegal immigration. They've welcomed and allowed gender ideology and wokeness to infest our education, police, armed forces and business sectors. Also critical race theory(CRT), Black Lives Matter(BLM), Environmental Social Governance(ESG) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI) all of which are designed to weaken social cohesion, divide us and dilute our culture, attack our heritage and darken our history. This side of the party does not act in the interest of the UK and its citizens. A vote for the Tory party is a vote split between this coalition with most of your vote supporting the larger global socialist side of the party, currently a vote for the Tory party endorses and validates its slide towards the socialist left.

The Labour Party is a coalition between three vying entities, the most worrying being the Corbynites who are far-left, Marxists, no nations, no borders, no nuclear deterrent, terrorist appeasers. The Largest entity is the Blairite middle-left who are politically the same as the majority of the Tory party,  progressive global socialists, supporting open door immigration, wokeness, gender ideology, BLM, CRT, ESG, DEI, anti freedom of speech and promoting hate speech laws to silence dissenting voices. The third entity is the left of centre minority that supports the working class and is proud of the UK and its history. A vote for the current Labour Party places the lions share of your vote away from the sensible centre left MPs but empowers the UKs drift towards global progressive socialism, under the WHO, WEF & EU leadership.

Is there a war on the London motorist?

We pay a tax, 'Vehicle Tax' to drive on the roads.
We pay a tax, 'Fuel Duty' on the fuel we use when we drive.
We pay value added tax, 'VAT' on the fuel we buy.
We pay value added tax, 'VAT' on the Fuel Duty Tax.
We pay the Congestion Charge tax to drive in central London.
We pay the ULEZ tax to drive in greater & central London.
The freedom given by personal transportation should not be taken for granted and should not be the preserve of the wealthy.
Reform UK is the party for the motorist, Howard Cox, (Fair Fuel UK) the Reform UK Mayoral candidate has already saved the UK motorists billions of pounds.


Let's Make Britain Great.

As a nation we have so much potential, so much that we should be optimistic about. We can make Britain great again.

To do this, reform is essential in the way our country is run and managed, so it works properly for the people. In many areas, just the application of basic common sense would be a good start!

The nation faces many challenges, but we can overcome them. To succeed, we need to do Brexit properly. We must grow our way out of the crisis, we cannot tax our way out of it. We must stand up for our core democratic values, our civil liberties, our right to free speech. Let’s celebrate our pride in being British: our amazing culture, our unbreakable communities, our incredible heritage. Let’s stop all the woke nonsense that is holding us back. Let’s have a proper immigration policy that works for our country and protects our borders. Together, let’s make great things happen!

Reform is essential in these key areas:

1. Reform our Economy: To succeed faster growth is vital. Higher growth rates are the only way to better wages and more tax revenues that can be invested in better healthcare and other public services. Our bold economic vision frees up over 6 million people from paying Income Tax and frees up over 1.2 million small businesses and self-employed from paying Corporation Tax. We would also aim to remove a raft of other stifling taxes in a responsible, timely way. This will generate much faster growth than seen in recent decades. We must also stop wasting taxpayers money.

2. Reform our Public Sector: We must be ambitious, seeking faster, more efficient public services that work better for us all. For example, with health, we should demand zero waiting lists and we have a bold plan to achieve this vision. Our police need to focus on preventing crime and catching criminals. Our schools must educate our children properly to prepare them for a competitive, challenging world. Our Border Force must protect our borders.

3. Reform our Energy Strategy: We all care about the environment and want cleaner air, and we can do this in a strategic, affordable way. Yet the Westminster Net Zero plan is making us all net poorer whilst creating more emissions overall as it outsources them overseas. It is therefore net stupid. It is adding huge extra costs to us all as consumers and to our businesses. This will send hundreds of thousands of British jobs to China and elsewhere. Our energy plan will use our own energy treasure under our feet, and create thousands of British jobs, by making our industries competitive again. It will save consumers considerable amounts of money on their bills every year. We would also nationalise 50% of key utility companies to stop consumers being ripped off with the other 50% being owned by British pension funds for British pensioners.

4. Reform our Institutions: Major change is needed to the bodies that impact our lives — the unelected cronyism of the House of Lords, the unaccountable civil service and the bloated BBC. Reform is essential to our voting system so it is fairer and more representative; the two-party system embeds the status quo and prevents real change.

Together let's Make Britain Great!

Best Wishes,

Richard Tice

Leader of Reform UK