Alan Cook

Reform UK Party Candidate for Bromley & Chislehurst
London Assembly candidate for Bexley & Bromley boroughs

I am not a socialist, I therefore had deep concerns over the UK’s further integration with the EU project. Not only was the promised referendum on the Maastricht Treaty in 2006 delayed indefinitely, but David Cameron's "Cast Iron Guarantee" for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in 2009 was broken. This overt politicising of the trading block and the removal of democracy in the process was enough for me to dedicate time, effort and money to a move into politics that culminated in me standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in 2019. Afterwards I joined the Conservative Party, and started their candidate selection process. My plan was to change the party for the better from within, to push for a party that put the UK first, had full control of its borders, a low tax outlook and a party that believed in full sovereignty and self-determination. It didn't take long for me to realise that the direction of the Party was not going to change, in fact the global socialist view over the national one was always going to win, especially now that we have Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt in the two top jobs.

After a long conversation in the Commons on the subject of immigration with David Davies MP and Sir Bill Wiggin MP, I realised that there is just not the political will to solve or reverse, what the general public see as being detrimental to the UK, its culture and its future. That week I cancelled my Conservative Party membership and joined Reform UK.

Reform UK is the only Party, through the application of common sense and being free from the restrictions governed by a left or right political ideology, that represents the man in the street, family values and puts the national interest first. For the past century it has been the case that if you keep voting Tory eventually you get Labour. The perfect storm is upon us, this may be our once in a century opportunity to break the two party system and create a real choice in British politics.


I am a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Artificial Intelligence 
a member of the APPG for Blockchain
I am also involved with the APPG for Digital Skills
and the APPG for Crypto & Digital Assets
I am the Vice-Chair of a Parliamentary debate club that believes in promoting and fighting for the golden principles of a free society, personal freedom, limited government, national self-confidence & enterprise culture.
I have served on the environmental committee of a residents society, have been the Co-Vice Chair of a charitable society and was voted onto a Neighbourhood Forum by residents.
 My parents met in the services, my father was in the Fleet Air Arm and my mother was in the Women's Royal Naval Service. I was born in a RAF base, my family moved to South East London just before I was one year old. I grew up, I was schooled and secured my first job whilst living in Sidcup then Bickley.
My second job was with the Prudential in Holborn Bars working as technological support for a team of actuaries. I moved internally to the fund management team covering the Far Eastern markets. My next move was to become a freelance IT consultant, this change in my career direction saw me working for a great number of the Investment companies, banks and insurance companies that populate the City and beyond.  Currently my family and I split our time between Bromley and Westminster.